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About Penelope Cooras, a freelance graphic designer based in London


Penelope's journey in the creative realm began with a graduation in 2015 from The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business in Cape Town, where she achieved distinction. 

Recognised as one of Cape Town's Top Design Graduates' by Design Times Magazine as well as her student work being acknowledged by The Loerie Awards, her path was paved to an internship at Saatchi & Saatchi. Here she honed her skills while contributing to renowned international brands such as Acer, Sunglass Hut and KPMG.

As an Art Director at Night Vision Spaces, she then collaborated with prestigious brands like Absolut and Jameson, among others under the Pernod Ricard umbrella. 

Transitioning to Inhouse Design Studio, Penelope delved into both internal branding and client projects, serving esteemed entities including The Berman Brothers and Nike.

In 2019 Penelope then immersed herself in the world of packaging design with Wild Olive African Artisans, channeling her illustrative prowess. Concurrently freelancing, she embarked on a transformative journey across Europe, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures.

Following a fulfilling journey, Penelope returned to her roots in Cape Town. Captivated by the allure of Mediterranean aesthetics, she conceived the vision of Thira Jewellery.

Despite the challenges posed by Covid in 2020, Penelope fearlessly launched her online jewellery boutique, Thira. Since its inception, Thira has blossomed into her cherished endeavour, thriving and capturing hearts with its unique charm around South Africa.

In 2022, she received the opportunity to relocate to the UK, where she joined the Dentex Marketing team as a Senior Graphic Designer. Her focus has been placed on internal brand work as well as having the responsibility of marketing material for over 140 individual practices. 


Based in London, UK.

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