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Terra Flora, The Illustration

Foliage, flora, fine unbroken lines, delicate washes of watercolour, loss, courage, love and hope. These were the 8 ingredients needed to complete the Terra Flora drawing that was to accompany the perfume of Kelly Ghali.

I started at Wild Olive Artisans at the beginning of 2018, only knowing what I had read of Kelly in the WildObout Magazine. I found her story incredibly fascinating and out of the ordinary. Little did I know, a few months later I’d be working alongside Marioara and Kelly, to create something wonderful.

When we commenced this project, I found myself under difficult circumstances, being beside my grandmother on her last. While this was a challenging time for me, working on Terra Flora allowed me to connect to Kelly’s feeling of loss, when she speaks of losing her parents.

I found that the round shape was the most suited for our story, as Terra is the name of our planet and in a sense, a symbol of motherhood. I then boldly decided to have it all covered in foliage, to better resemble Flora in its totality.

I used fine lines’ as Kelly has a delicate story to tell, but at the same time, the lines are unbroken to represent her strength through it all.

I used washes of watercolour to illustrate her experiences up to now.

The red symbolizing the time she lived in a Neo Native American Tribe as Red Bear, and the rest of the colours to represent the ingredients of Terra Flora.

The white space serves as a reminder that her journey is not over, and there is still an abundance of colour yet to fill.

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Terra Flora Perfume can be purchased at or at the Wild Olive Shop - 29 Pepper Street Cape Town.

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