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11 years later - Strolling the streets of Plomari, Lesvos.

Updated: Dec 11, 2017

It only took me 11 years to visit Greece again, but the wait was so worth it all. 3 weeks of what I like to call paradise in the small village Plomari, Lesvos.

This little 'village' boasts mouth watering sea food, to-die-for souvla and the world's best Ouzo. It is after all 'The Ouzo Capital of the World'. The people of Plomari live for their summer, for this is when their village comes alive. You can expect to hear youngsters driving scooters home from their late night excursions in the early hours of the morning, and fishermen coming home at 5am with the freshest seafood ready for the market.

Your mornings start when the blistering heat wakes you, and the cravings for the fresh cold cherries and watermelon kick in. A light breakfast is all you need when you know you're in for a treat for lunch and dinner. No need to worry about the shops and restaurants that close for nap hour - almost every beach in Plomari offers a menu and a comfy sun bed to enjoy it on. Spoilt for choice, you have the option of going to many fantastic beaches. Joe's Bar corner beach is perfect for a quick swim and some family time - the water is clear and the view overlooks an old broken down hotel. Agia Isidoros beach, the most popular for students, is jam packed everyday. With lively music and a youthful vibe, it's no wonder the students are there all day during their summer vacation. If you're looking for a private beach, Amoudeli Beach is the place. You can expect to relax and enjoy the company of your book. While I could I could name every swim spot in Plomari, i'll end off with saying that Krifti is a must at LEAST once during your stay. A beautiful church lives above the beautiful waters of Krifti, and while enjoying a dive, a few hidden natural hot springs may catch you by surprise.

Plomari night life starts at 10pm, and by that, I mean dinner. The next phase of the evening is spent going to clubs and bars from 12pm onwards.

The warmth of the people and the sun guarantee a relaxing holiday, with many tourist activities and experiences with character.

Below are some photo's of my late June/July trip 2017.

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